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Zeta Phi Beta Package Set

Zeta Phi Beta Package Set

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This high-quality bag with artistic design is made of coated 250g paper, matte finish, with white rope handle, 15.67 in. long, 11.8 in. high, and 6.1 in. wide (39.8 cm long, 30 cm high, and 15.57 cm wide). Three extra large sheets per pack. Each sheet measures 27 in. long, and 19.75 in. wide (68.58 cm long and 50 cm wide). 3 XL sheets with Greek-letter pattern. The inside of the cards in ready for you to inscribe your perfect message. These sturdy cards have a matte finish and measure 5 in. high, 6.5 in. long (12.7 cm high and 16.5 cm long). 


Divine Gift Accessories is a licensed vendor of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. products. For inquiry, contact Direct Licensing Hub, CLC Greek.

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