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Sigma Gamma Rho Package Set

Sigma Gamma Rho Package Set

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1 Large Sigma Gamma Rho Gift Bag. Our high-quality bag with artistic design is made of coated durable paper and has a matte finish and white rope handles, 15.67 in. long, 11.8 in. high, and 6.1 in. wide (39.8 cm long, 30 cm high, and 15.57 cm wide). 

3 Extra Large Sheets of Sigma Gamma Rho Gift Tissue Paper. Each sheet measures 27 in. long, and 19.75 in. wide (68.58 cm long and 50 cm wide). Greek-letter pattern.

1 Sigma Gamma Rho Greeting Card. The inside of the card is ready for you to inscribe your perfect message. These sturdy cards have a matte finish and measure 5 in. high, 6.5 in. long (12.7 cm high and 16.5 cm long). 

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